Remote Learners is

the platform where self-directed learners come to learn from each other while staying productive.

Why you will love  the community

- Have you ever signed up for 10 online courses and never finished any of them?
- Have you ever left learning something before you could master it because it got hard?
- Do you ever find yourself procrastinating on learning something that you know will be valuable to you?
- Do you easily lose motivation while learning something?
- Do you want to become a productive learner?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Connecting learners from all over the world

Join a topic channel or create one that suits the topic you are learning the best and invite others to learn with you. Ask questions, discuss things and ask for help from fellow learners while having meaningful conversations.

Effective to-learn list system to help you stay productive and motivated

Create and track to-learn tasks right from the chat using simple slash commands.
Keep learning and complete at least one to-learn task every day and you will earn a streak as a badge of accomplishment.